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head office

Position Telephone Email
Mr Adill Ali Export Department Manager +251 912 112202
Linkedin Adill Ali
Mr. Emmad Al-Yaheery Sales Manager +251 922 518583 linkedin gatefarms corporation
Mr. Ayele G.Mariam Quality Assurance Manager +251 911 052358
linkedin gatefarms corporation
Mr. AbdulFetah Muzein Alemgena Branch - Proccessing Plant Manager +251 911 642690

Mr. Getachew S.Abraham Sebeta Branch - Logistics Manager +251 910 005535

Are you a Commodities Broker?

If you are in the commodities brokerage business and have the ability to sell to your customers anywhere in the world, we invite you to join our team to develop sales strategies that allow us to expand our borders and also allow you to obtain a financial benefit and the opportunity to work in the fascinating world of Ethiopian agro products.

What is your role?

  • Sell and serve as liaison to the Ethiopian agro commodities sales at the selling site or have contacts to facilitate your work according to your location.
  • Monitor the shipping instructions, the shipments, the samples, the documents and payment of those.
  • Permanent contact with customers allow us to make a feedback on what is happening both with the shipments, as with the agro products itself.

What we can offer?

  • Ensuring compliance shipments,
  • Warranty on product quality,
  • Respect for your customers,
  • Payment of commission according to each negotiation,
  • Support in the area of ​​promotion and marketing through our website
If you are confident you meet these conditions, please send us your details, tell us a little about yourself and send your proposal through the form above, We will review your request and we will contact you as soon as possible, to begin operate the quickest.