Linseeds - also known as Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are worldwide exported produce, known for its richness with omega 3 fatty acids. Linseed is also known as Flaxseeds.


  • Moisture: 9%
  • Impurity: 3%
  • Oil Content: 41%
  • Oil Admixture: 6%
  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Packaging: 25-50kg per bag
  • Full Container Load (FCL): 20-22 M.Ton

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Flaxseed Nutrition - Flax is rich in lignans, omega 3 fatty-acids, as well as thiamin. It is also a great source of manganese, and has respectable amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. As a source of dietary fiber it is excellent. The nutrition facts below are for 1 cup of raw, whole flaxseed. flaxseed nutrition By no means is it low in calories or fat. But because the health benefits of flaxseed are so many and it's serving size so small, it makes a good addition to any diet.

  • Family Name : Linaceae
  • Botanical Name : Linum Usitatissimum
  • Common Name : Flaxseeds, Linseed
  • Product offered : Leaves, Seeds, Oil


Flaxseed is High in Fiber:
You’d be hard-pressed to find a food higher in fiber both soluble and insoluble - than flax. This fiber is probably mainly responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effects of flax. Fiber in the diet also helps stabilize blood sugar, and, of course, promotes proper functioning of the intestines.

Linseeds Exporters in Ethiopia

We understand our Client better:-
Linseed is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and helps in improving the quality of nail, hair and skin. Linseed is also known for medicinal properties which not only promotes health but also prevents cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis. An aboriginal to Asia and Europe, Linseed generally belongs to the temperate Zone. Linseed Ethiopia is popular for its quality and it is exported to major Linseed foreign countries. Gatefarms International exports high quality Linseeds at competitive affordable prices.


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