Gatefarms International Trade Plc.

Gatefarms is a high-quality, broad industrial entity and ideal Ethiopian exporter of black seeds and cold-pressed oils.

We have been in the agro sector for about two decades and have found alternative replacement for sanitary agro goods with true flavor, original scent, and 100% purity. The manufacturing facilities of black seeds and cold-pressed oils at Gatefarms Products are established on Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety requirements.

We are the internationally acknowledged manufacturer, processor, and supplier of premium quality natural black seeds and black seed oils, with an emphasis on supplying exceptional quality to customers worldwide. Our extensive range of goods include no harmful chemicals or pesticides and are extremely nutritious. Gatefarms Products’ industrialized facilities strictly adhere to quality assurance supervision methodology for food safety and excellence assurance for cleaning, cold pressing black seeds, and high processing and hygiene standards are maintained to ensure essential oil products meet superior quality standards.

Gatefarms Affiliations

We source high-quality black seeds from the fertile region of Gonder and the Bale plains. Black Seeds, on the other hand, are carefully cleaned in Adama and pressed in Sebeta. Gatefarms Products has developed an exceptional Agro Product basket for manufacturing, processing, and trading while also creating advanced infrastructural facilities for sourcing, processing, and transporting our products throughout the years. Apart from our excellent sourcing networks, our other significant facilities and services include extensive warehouses, on-time product delivery, and constant innovation in our system, which helps us to stay ahead of our competition.