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Ethiopian Black Cumin seeds Habetel bereka
  • Moisture content – average: 8 – 9%
  • Oleoresin Yield (Hexane Extract): 24 – 28%
  • Oil content: above 30% – up to 36%
  • Essential oil Content: 0.55 – 0.65%
  • 20 FCL container: 15- 16 MT
  • Minimum order quantity: 2,000 kg
  • Ethiopian Origin Black Cumin Seed,
  • Machine Cleaned; Current Year 2021 Belg Crop, Single or Double Clean
  • Purity: 99.6% (double machine cleaned)

Black Cumin has a long history of uses for food flavors, perfumes, and medicinal values. Oil has been used for bringing smell to some medicines, sterilizing of surgical operation fiber, production of some veterinary and agricultural medicines and plastic components.
Black Cumin seeds have an aromatic odor and bitter taste. They are used as an essential ingredient in soup component, sausages, cheese, cakes, and candies.

Ethiopian variety of cumin seed accumulates up to 50% thymol, a monocyclic phenolic compound. The presence of this compound makes cumin a valuable source for health care Industry and medicinal purposes.


It is recorded that the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said: “Use the Black Seed, because it contains a cure for every type of disease, except for death.”

The Black Seed (or Habbat Al-Barakah) is called Shuneiz in Persian, black cumin and Kolanji Seeds in India.

Benefits of Black Cumin Seed:
  • the Black Seed enjoys some remarkable positive effect against all types of cold ailments,
  • helps relieve flatulence,
  • extracts the intestinal worms,
  • relieves leprosy, and phlegm fevers,
  • opens clogs, and decomposes amassing gas and excess moisture that may be congested in the stomach,
  • when the seeds is ground, mixed with honey and drunk with some warm water, it will help dissolve the stones that are formed in the kidney and the bladder,
  • it is a good diuretic,
  • it helps increase the flow during menstruation and the production of milk if it is drunk for several days,
  • when it is heated with vinegar and placed on the stomach, it will force out worms,
  • when it is mixed with wet or cooked water, it would then become even more effective in killing worms; hence discarding them out from the body,
  • it clears up, decomposes and relieves cold symptoms when it is ground in a rag and inhaled through the nose on a regular basis until the ailment is cured.

Note: “we should state the fact that the dose should be around twenty-five grams, for some people claim that this is the best amount of dosage to use”

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