black seeds and black cumin seeds

In this article, we will see the difference between black seed and black cumin seed. Many people think that they are the same but they are not. They are used interchangeably but they are completely different spices. If you don’t know how to tell the difference you might end up purchasing or using a different spice. So it is important that you can tell apart the difference. 

What are Black Seeds

Black seeds have a scent similar to fennel and a strong flavor comparable to nutmeg, despite the fact that the plant is not related to either. The seeds are often roasted and crushed as a spice and are widely used to season curries, rice, loaves of bread, and sweet confections throughout India, the Middle East, and areas of East Africa.

Black seed also known as Nigella Sativa
Black Seed(Nigella Sativa)

Black seeds are also known as nigger seeds, kalonji seeds. They come from a plant called Nigella Sativa. Nigella sativa is a fennel flowering plant that belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae. The plant grows up to a high 30cm and has white flowers. Black seeds are native to Northern Africa and East Asia but the plant has adapted very well in east Africa and other places. 

Black seeds are used for spicing food and for their medicinal properties. It is commonly used by Muslims and nutritionists for its healing powers. Muslims believe that “habet al bereka” (black seeds) is a medicine for all diseases except death. 

What are Black Cumin Seeds

The scientific name of black cumin is Bunium bulbocastanum. Bunium bulbocastanum is a species of Bunium bulbocastanum, also known as black cumin, earthnut, and huge pignut. It is an Apiaceae-family plant that is native to Northern Africa, Southeastern Europe, and Southern Asia. Bunium bulbocastanum is a 60cm tall shrub with frilly leaves and white blooms. Most importantly, the plant’s components are beneficial for health. The tasty round-shaped taproot tastes like chestnuts and coconut. Leaves are utilized in the same manner as parsley is as a herb or as a garnish. The seeds, which are the most often used part, are a wonderful spice.

The Connection Between Black Cumin Seeds and Black Seeds

Black seeds are commonly known by many names. The name black cumin is also used for Nigella Sativa. This is a common mistake that people make. Apart from sharing names the only relationship that they have is that they both are spices.