Black Seeds

Black Seeds Exporters

We at Gatefarms have always valued quality. These bulk-processed seeds are taken from the exceptionally productive districts of the Bale and Gonder. As a result, we assure that you receive only high-quality Nigella Seeds. Explore our excellent Ethiopian black seed collection now.

Small, tear-shaped Black Seeds are available in a variety of black compositions. The highly valued seeds are mostly renowned for their rich medicinal value and the flavor they provide to cuisines all around the world.

We value the promise of optimal quality, affordability, and performance together with our track record of excellent service and client satisfaction. We are able to produce & export the best of black seeds on a worldwide scale thanks to our cutting-edge technology, supply chain management, and commitment to product innovation:

Natural Black Seeds: we process and export natural black nigella seed in bulk quantities.

Clean black seeds: Gatefarms is the world’s finest provider of black seeds that have been 99.9% color-sorted and cleaned.


Sortex cleaned natural black seeds are produced by Gatefarms for bulk distributors, wholesalers, and industrial customers.

Gatefarms exports high-quality gonder black seeds to international markets on a timely manner.

Gatefarms is the manufacturer & worldwide exporter of cold-pressed black seed oil in their purest form.

More about Black Seeds from Gatefarms

For the past decade, Gatefarms has been completely and consistently devoted to producing and selling high-quality Ethiopian seeds. In addition to producing many different types of these seeds, the company also ships them to several places throughout the globe. A flowering plant belonging to the Ranunculaceae family that produces black seeds is known as Nigella sativa, seeds.