Black seeds from Gondar Ethiopia

Gondar Black Seeds

Natural Gondar black seeds are a type of Nigella seeds that is high in flavor and aroma. Gatefarms’ black seeds are fresh and Sortex-cleaned natural non-GMO seeds.

More about Gonder Black Seeds Exports

Black seeds are one of the most important and popular seeds in the world, used in anything from spices to bakery products. These seeds’ spicey and black color, as well as their rich flavor, make them a favorite ingredient in many traditional medicine preparations. Black seeds are high in not only flavor but also nutritional content. They contain so many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that they are sometimes referred to be the world’s healthiest seeds.

Gatefarms is the industry leader in Nigella seed production and export, reaches global markets, and meets the black seeds demands of many sectors. From oils to seeds, and from natural bale black seeds to gondar seeds, it creates top quality each and makes large quantities for export and domestic sale. Gondar Nigella Sativa is widely regarded as one of the world’s most nourishing seeds. Muslims believe that it can cure everything except death.


Sortex cleaned natural black seeds are produced by Gatefarms for bulk distributors, wholesalers, and industrial customers.

Gatefarms exports high-quality gondar black seeds to international markets on a timely manner.

Gatefarms is the manufacturer & worldwide exporter of cold-pressed black seed oil in their purest form.

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