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Also known as nigella sativa is used by many cultures for its healing property. Buy best quality of black seeds from Ethiopian wholesale suppliers. 

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Benefits Of Black Seed

Black seed has many benefits for health. The spice is used through out human history for its cure for diseases. Not all the benefits of the seed is proven with research many people consider it as a miracle spice. Black Seed is taught in Islamic culture by the prophet Mohamed (PBUH)  that it is cure for all diseases except death (Bukhari:5687). It has also been mentioned in the new testament(Mathew 23:23) and old testament (Isaiah 28:25,27) as well. 

Black seed has so many benefits that are to numerus to mention but here is a list of some them healthline.com:

Where The Seeds Come From.

Black seeds also known as kalonji seed in India, black cumin seeds, or nigella sativa are mainly grown in the Bale and Gonder mountains. Local small farmers grow their seeds and store them in their local areas. Gatefarms sources of black seeds come from local farmers in these areas. The black seed that Gatefarms stores are from these areas. After the seeds are sampled and inspected they are transferred to a color sorter machine for cleaning the seeds. We make sure that the seed is 99.9% free from any dirt and stems that might have come along with the seeds from the farmers. We then go on to pack it in pp bags for storage or for cold pressing.

Gatefarms supplies bulk quantity of black seed and cold-pressed oil. With our experience in the export/import market, you can get a stable supplier of black seeds directly from Ethiopia.

Bulk Wholesale

Gatefarms is an exporter and agro-processer of foods in Ethiopia. You can buy black seeds that are of the best quality possible in bulk quantity. You can import lack seeds in different quantities ranging from 500kg up to 40 metric tons. Packaging can be arranged for you in different forms as you want. The crops that we supply are from the current year. We can supply up to 25 metric tons every month. 

We can arrange different forms of shipment for you, air-freight for smaller quantities and sea fright for contianers. Lead time for Air shipments maybe 3 to 14 days and sea shipment will depend on the destination or route. 

Black Seed Price

Due to the recent high demand for Ethiopian Black Cumin, the price for Nigella Sativa seeds has shown an increase. The price of black seeds can vary from quantity and cleanliness. Black seeds price per kg ranges from  7 to 10 USD as of 2020. The price for black seed has steadily increased and will probably increase in price in the coming years unless the government intervenes. Throughout our years in the export business, we have seen black seeds price increase up to 5 folds.  

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